By Mike Ssegawa

Social media is buzzing with Faridah Nakazibwe and Justine Nameere’s social media spat. Some people are laughing at them, literally rolling on the floor. They are asking: How can two arguably successful television personalities fight over a man?

The truth of the matter is every human being has a battle of sorts they are fighting that few people know about. Let no one lie to you that all is okay with them. It’s never a straight road while  you live.

Justine and Faridah are both human. They have aspirations. They’ve feelings. They’ve pride. Their issue just ran out of control the moment it went social media.

I have been reading about their counter accusations like many of you. My consideration is three sided : both girls could be damn wrong about each other. Both could be actually guilty as charged. And one of the two could be an offender.

So what actually is going on here? We all have our adversaries. Some times we know them too well than they know themselves. We know how they operate. We know why they do what they do. And when we see movements we can tell it’s so and so.

That’s the basis of Nakazibwe’s accusations. Nakazibwe and Nameere were once workmates. They know each other more than than their husbands know them. Or anyone for that matter. They also know how their fight started which they are not willing to talk about for now – in public since they are now grown up and married. When they were workmates, they were single girls chasing their dreams! Maybe their fight is professional competition which goes psycho when unchecked.

We should appreciate the fact that few people know the actual reason Nameere quit her popular show on NTV and at Salt TV where she has little audience. A friend told me on Monday morning that Nameere might be feeling jealous of Faridah’s success – the frustration which comes with seeing your nemesis thriving might resurrect the devil himself. That’s is coupled with Nakazibwe’s seemingly unstoppable looks (despite her age, which Nameere loves to refer to!!! )

Now Justine Nameere might claim innocence but her language gives her away. Her response, if you read between the lines, attempts to rub in. She attempts to show herself as superior; young, successful, happily married, etc. And she refers to Faridah’s age, work history, past relationships etc which are actually the same things central to the accusations the anonymous complainant levies on Faridah. Nameere’s defence gives her away. He didn’t help matters but expose her internal rage and contempt for Faridah.

Faridah and Nameere have lifted the heavy burden from their chests. They have legitimised the accusations and made them mainstream. However, social media decorum for the people of the standing of Nameere and Nakazibwe, does not allow them to go about personal issues that way.

So what do we learn;

1. Never bring your personal battles on social media since soon or later they will catch up with you.

2. When you’re addressing anyone on social media, even if you are quarreling, remain in control of yourself. Don’t be like a loose Canon released on to unsuspecting innocent people.

3. If you don’t mind, don’t write anything when you are angry.

4. Social media cannot solve your personal problems, only you’ll get temporary relief.

5. Make good use of police and UCC if you need to catch a social media abuser. They will be brought to book.

6. When you love a guy or girl, concentrate on winning your target, don’t blackmail other people they’re in love with.

And for good of television, I recommend like one young social media user Edward Nimusiima proposed, Nakazibwe should host Nameere on her show to speak about stalkers and social media abuses.

Happy Easter Monday.