When i started working, one of my dreams was to help others but didnt exactly understand what it all meant. People have asked me to write about this and below are my thoughts.

Over time, i have learnt alot of stuff about helping others!! I also know that on many occassions a helping hand can hurt. I have also learnt that people who preach generocity arent often generious themselves.

And because i didnt understand, i often gave out everything i had to anyone that approached me including my last meal sometimes!! I sometimes stood surity for people borrowing money and i had to work hard to pay their debts!! Slowly, i realized i wasnt Jesus christ!! I was Wekesa, a human being who gets hurt by other peoples actions.

I learnt that not everyone is meant to help everybody but everybody can help someone!! I also learnt that some people actually look for wrong help, they ask for money and yet simply need wisdom on how they should spend their earnings. Others simply need to be told to find something to do. We spoil those who need wisdom by giving money.

At one time, i didnt know how business operates, i could withdraw company money to solve other peoples problems until failure looked at me in the face and i realized if that business failed i was alone…..i learnt that the moment you employ one extra person, the bisiness stops being about you alone. You cant withdraw cash and spend it on things fwaaaa because its a public entity in your control.

I also learnt that fighting hard to provide jobs is far better than handouts to people and its more sustainable for the receiver and giver!! Know that those that need help from you have no limit and therefore, its your responsibility to set limits. Dont allow anybody to take you into a guilty trip

Over 10yrs ago, i learnt i needed to earn a salary and that i should set my priorities right. A percentage for family needs( your hardwork a family man, should benefit your immediate family, wife and children dont go drinking beer and eating muchomo as your family suffers), percentage towarss savings, percentage to all types of help but within your means( dont try to please people because you wont manage). Declare your earnings so that family doesnt think you are under providing……let them know why you are saving!!

Amos Masaba Wekesa, is the founder of Great Lakes Safaris and Uganda Lodges Limited.