By Mike Ssegawa

I have in the past written about what some people could call uncomfortable things about Buganda. For it’s very easy to be misunderstood and offensive to some Baganda when one criticizes issues in Baganda or Buganda. It seems grand children of Nambi are not used to be told when they are naked. However, like our elders say, bbwa ddene, ligambwako nyini lyo.

I take exception that Mengo finally has a Katikkiro who takes criticism positively. Few Katikkiros have been praised and criticized in equal measure like Charles Peter Mayiga.
For yours truly too on several occupation gave him his two pence. Like when he chose to fund the reconstruction of the kabaka lake resort using his successful initiative Ettofaali than build a hospital to treat people of Buganda and beyond, I opined for a local paper which Mayiga responded to politely and he explained satisfactorily his strategy. He committed himself to seeing Buganda kingdom build areas that affect the Kabaka’s subjects. One step at a time. That’s leadership.

Mayiga is an exceptional leader at a time the region lacks leaders. For he knows clearly where he wants to go. He has set the tone. He’s walking the walk.

The fact of the matter is, Buganda has three ways to return to the top; you can fight with superior weapons like Americans and Russians, wealth like Saudi Arabia, Germany and Qatar or special intelligence like Israelis and Japanese.

Buganda needs to understand it will never get to the top using ammunitions. But its leaders can harness the wealth of their peopIe and translate it into economic and intelligence might.

And that is why I was very disappointed with the unserious bunch of leaders under their umbrella Buganda caucus.

I watched in disbelief as the “cream” of Buganda leaders in parliament turned their first meeting into a comedy show.

These honorables who represent people from across Buganda, on that day failed to agree on the modus operandi for the meeting and eventually failed to conclude on the business that brought them together, which was electing new leaders.

The MPs were reduced to fighting for microphones and engaging in shouting matches like school children.
You couldn’t put any of those people into the shoes of Semei Kakungulu who concurred half of Uganda or Sir Apollo Kaggwa who established the administration of modern Buganda. It was a sad reminder that no serious Muganda has held power (as in being with actual power) since independence. With the quality of leaders in the region’s caucus, how can Buganda be on the top, like Mayiga posits?

The calm demeanor, farsightedness, wisdom, polished manners and thoughtfulness of typical Baganda leaders, lack in this league of leaders I saw the other day.. I pray, that real Buganda leaders should stand up.

MPs behaved like hungry bodaboda riders fighting for roadside food. Tourism state minister Godfrey Kiwanda, the outgoing chairman, and Ssemujju Nganda, the opposition chief whip behaved like children playing under the rain. They lost control of the gathering before the meeting was dismissed. This group needs leadership if substantive gains for the region can be achieved.

Surprisingly, newcomer Kato Lubwama, MP Lubaga south, came up with a solid recommendation. Buganda leaders need to retreat, plan, understand what they want, and  choose commanders (leaders) with abilities to lead them on that battlefield.

It’s important that Buganda leaders strategize and regroup around their needs if the region is to return to the top, like Mayiga says.

If Buganda leaders don’t match on with a purpose, then, they have no use.
Baganda leaders should better get more organized.
And yes, it’s important for Buganda to follow Mayiga by translating their ideas into practice. Buganda’s return to the top must be through organized leadership.