Take the hand of your neighbor and say amani – peace, peace, peace. Your neighbor will still be your neighbor regardless of what has happened.

Let us be people of peace. Be respecters of the rule of law. I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today but i respect it as much as I do not agree with it. I respect it. Millions of Kenyans queued, made their choice and six people have decide that they will go against the will of the people. The court has made this decision, i don’t agree with it but i respect it, and again Kenyans i say peace. The fault is not yours. Your neighbor remains your neighbor.

We are ready to go back to the people with the same agenda, no change. Same agenda, an agenda of unifying our country, building a national party, developing this nation…mine is to say that we are not at war with our brothers and sisters in the opposition. We are brothers and sisters.