Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze who is in Vatican to attend the Catholic MPs Conference is among the few lucky people who got a chance to meet Pope Francis in Rome on Sunday.

Through her social media, the overwhelmed legislator has shared her conversation with the pope.

Below is what Pope Francis told Nambooze;

Am Zabeti of Mukono Lugazi diocese and I feel blessed and honoured to be before you my Holy father…I said….I request blessing for my family and country…
He lifted me up as I was kneeling….You are honourable legislators and am not God am your fellow servant…I argue you to continue to look to Christ,whose love will inspire you to lead you into full truth and goodness…. Go make just laws…the laws you pass and apply should build bridges between varying political viewpoints,even when polarized,in order to promote a greater care for the vulnerable and the outcast and in order to foster a proper human and natural ecology….Remember,The man or woman who govorns – who loves his people is a humble man or Woman.