By Moses Ntare

On Thursday, Police foiled a planned riot by people in Kisoro over Gen. Kale Kayihura’s arrest.

Kisoro is Kayihura’s home district.

According to Deputy Police spokesman Patrick Onyango, the protest was being organized by a section of Kisoro District leaders.

“I have been informed that there is no notification by the Kisoro leaders to the police, which is a requirement in the Public Order Management Act. The area police have told the mobilisers to follow the right channels to air out their grievance,” Onyango said.

Onyango says the people in Kisoro were mobilized to demonstrate on Thursday morning at Mayor’s Garden in Kisoro Municipality against what they called unfair and shameful act against their gallant son.

Below is a protest note by the Kisoro people which was forwarded to police for the planned riot;

We write to bring to your attention the unceremonious treatment visited upon our gallant son,Gen KALE KAYIHURA.

Our peaceful protest of the same is because, that un-fairness goes deep straight to the hearts of Bufumbira and Bafumbira who have hirtherto held their son as the epitome of loyalty, dedication and exceeding selflessness to the NRA/M gov’t.

From the onset; we should state that our times and current system is one where only a few people access the political dining table; therein where the ritual of representative gathering of pieces of the proverbial national cake is ordained.

To dismiss and humiliate our highest competitive gatherer and representative isn’t only depressing but disturbing!

Suffice it to say,as elders you have duties to yourselves and to others of which you can shirk neither,and we move that you bless an immediate withdrawal/ suspension of Support to both NRM and it’s bearers till when the son of the soil gets the justice he so vehemently sacrificed and fought for.

We look forward to your blessings and understanding as we discern through the most lugubrious cloud hanging over a hirtherto dedicated servant.

The writers are famous farmers of Irish potatoes farmers on mt. Muhavura volcanic soils.

This document has been confirmed by the kigezi region police spokesperson Elly Maate.