By Watchdog reporter

Many of you remember the time when legendary journalist Andrew Mwenda was so active on social media fighting what you could have called cyber wars with any person who brought up his/her head to criticize the ruling party NRM.

He attacked several people most notably Makerere University’s Stella Nyanzi, Dr. Kizza Besigye and ‘Faceless’ facebooker Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO).

Among all the battle he fought, Mwenda undoubtedly lost all of them to the extent of deceiving Ugandans that without fear or favour he had unearthed the true identity of TVO.

Particularly a lot was said about Mwenda vs TVO ignominy whereby some people assumed that Mwenda had convinced President Yoweri Museveni that if hired; of course with a big amount of cash, he could unveil TVO’s identity since the whole government had tried to compromise Museveni critic’s identity in vain.

So to come up with all those daily Facebook posts attacking TVO, Mwenda was probably a hired deadly gun who unfortunately died in his own movie after realizing that TVO was a hard nut to crack.

After an impossible mission, Mwenda slowly lost gas and he diminished from the social media ground like smoke.

Apparently, Mwenda is not the usual social media fanatic we used to know. Unlike in the past months, the controversial political analyst takes weeks to post a single write-up on his social media.

Should we say the failed missions made him lose the social media morale?

What could have happened to Mwenda as far as social media is concerned is really known to him and his God.


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