General Museveni hails from a poor background. In his book, The Mustard Seed, he says that by the time God blessed them with their first son Muhoozi, they had no sugar to put in porridge. DR. Kb is quoted to has said that The first time they visited M7’s home in Rwakitura they was No house. Apart from Grass thatched Hat. The situation was that bad!

Not everyone that goes to wedge a war on a regime ends up victorious but in his case, he emerged as the President of Uganda in 1986 after wedging war on the sitting government. I was a primary school pupil at the time.

He has ruled Uganda from then to date. God has blessed him with very beautiful, well behaved and God fearing Children. He has hosted hundreds of leaders in Uganda, including HRH Queen Elizabeth, two Popes, two former US Presidents (Clinton and George Bush) etc. He has visited hundreds of international capitals to meet different leaders.

Museveni has never graduated from a university because I have not seen him anywhere putting on a graduation gown but he has managed to oversee doctors and professors for over 31 years. According to some online news sites, President Museveni is among the top 5 richest African leaders, with his wealth valued at billions of dollars.

His grandparents’ entire life revolved around walking because they were Nomads and yet the third generation Kaguta has an official Presidential Jet, one of the latest on market. He also has an official presidential helicopter. When he is on the road, he has a convoy of over 20 cars and when he is in Kampala, he has two official residences. And the man is still not grateful.

I will be honest with you readers, no president has had as many opportunities as our Yoweri Museveni. I don’t understand why Museveni wants to stay so long like his colleague Mugabe. He has enough money to feed his children and great grand children. Why don’t we learn to appreciate?

The world’s super power, USA has changed 6 presidents since 1986, starting with Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sir, Bill Clinton ( 2 terms), George Bush Jnr (2 terms) my favorite Barrack Obama ( 2 terms) and now with Donald Trump. With the way I see things, Donald Trump will leave Museveni in power. Imagine that!

When leaders want to change constitutions to favor themselves, those countries are headed for disaster because they build an institution called the “sitting president.”

Look at what happened in Somalia, Saidi Barry ruled Somalia for many years. Look at what happened in Libya,in Iraq and the current Syria.

I recall very well, every time Gadaffi visited Uganda, he would fly in with over 7 planes and there was a total lock down at Entebbe airport. No plane was allowed to land to take off but we all know what happened to Gadaffi. Gadaffi was killed by an 18 year old boy. He was buried by two people. I am reliably informed that his body was driven by 4 people 72 miles into a desert, dug up a grave and two of them were instructed to go back and the other two buried him. No one else knows where he was buried. We all know what happened to his favorite son Sharif.

Then there was Saddam Hussein who was pulled out of a pit like a rat. His two favorite sons were killed by cruise missiles that hit an apartment they were hiding at.

Mr President, we don’t want to see this happening to you or your family but the moment citizens see that there is no peaceful way of dislodging a President, their last option will be war!

Mr President, these Anite’s who are singing praises for you don’t love you. They love your goodies and all the other benefits of being around you.

I am of the opinion that we give President Museveni immunity like the one that was given to President Arap Moi of Kenya so that he retires peacefully. At the end of the day, no matter how many years you are in power, the time will come when you have to go. By the way, this debate about age limit isn’t only about NRM or opposition but all of us. A big number of Ugandans have lost trust in both NRM and Opposition but they still love Uganda.

My happiest day will be the day we go to Kisozi of Rwakitara to visit the old man, Yoweri Museveni. During those days, it will be nice to attend a public event and see Museveni’s children and grand children honoured and treated with respect.

Don’t be fooled by these hyenas in Parliament. They just want to eat your meat.

Mr. President, please respect our constitution.


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Frank M Gashumba

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