By Najibu Mulema

The United Nations World Food Program has called for more support to be able to cope with the increasing number of South Sudanese refugees who have crossed into Uganda.

This follows the crossing of thousands of refugees following renewed fighting in South Sudan.

Now the World Food Program deputy country representative, Cheryl Harrison says, while a number of governments came through with support, the ever increasing number of refugees has remained a challenge.

She is concerned that if more support is not received, the organization’s ability to provide the much needed assistance may be affected.

“People crossing the border to Uganda are about 2,000 a day and you can imagine even us receiving contributions from the government, those contributions are not enough to keep up with the new needs, so we are in a situation which is difficult, we are not able to meet needs especially the household needs,” said Harrison.

It is estimated that Uganda could be accommodating over 780,000 refugees with the majority from South Sudan.

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