By Matchgod misreporter

Before the year closes, President Museveni of Uganda has named singer Bobi Wine the executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), replacing Jennifer Musisi. The move is said to inspire the youth especially those into betting and drug abuse to start working hard. Experts say the president wants to make the job of Minister Betty Kamya of winning Kampala, easier.

It’s said Bobbi, a singer known for his pro-poor message in his music, was the best candidate from a pool of over 10 names presented to the president by City Lord Kizza Besigye.

Besigye, has been elated on hearing about the development.

“I didn’t know Mr Museveni was still sensible to choose a man with support from the masses. I am certain Mr Wine will help the cause of the poor city dwellers especially those in slums. We want to see the poor own more space in this city, especially on Kampala Road, Nakasero and Kololo. Bobi will ensure that,” Besigye said, explaining that the rich can afford to drive from far off areas such as Kasangati, Mukono, Wakiso and Mpigi but the poor should reside in walkable distances to town.

Former executive director Musisi said she was not surprised that she had been sacked.

“Since February and March elections, the president has been cold to me. And when Bobi sang about me, I knew he wanted my job. But let Museveni take dance to Besigye’s tunes. He will regret his move.”