By Herbert Bukenya

It is unfortunate Weasel real names Doulglas Seguya Mayanja is now singing alone after the passing of his singing buddy Mowzey Radio the fallen Moses Ssekibogo so close to being a legend but never to be atleast in the mortal world.

Any ways there is always that silver Lining on every dark cloud and Weasel who has always been thought by many to be just Mosey Radio’s singing helper with no real value to add just might outshine most people’s expectations of him.

A 2017 song he did call ‘dangerous’ which had some additional vocals from a one Lizard is actually trending a year later thanks to the euphoria and sympathy around the demise of his duo mate Mowzey.

As if that is not momentum enough in the right direction, Weasal has earlier this week dropped a tribute to Radio called ‘Tokyayitaba’ in his typical rough edgy voice but the power and confidence he oozes on the track cant be ignored.

This moment of his friend’s death seems to have gotten him stronger and more confident on and off the microphone than I expected. Remember he has other solo tracks that have dropped over the past year or so including Burning, wiggle wiggle and Nakujali all decent ones on their own.

Just in case he holds on this tight, keeps that strength and momentum going, I see a chart topping Weasal who will shock many holding his own for a long time to come.

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