By Herbert Bukenya

Musician Weasel the remaining part of the once famous Radio and Weasel duo is in big trouble and is said to be on the run after a Luwero based promoter put out bailiffs and a warrant of arrest for him all over the country.

This is after he failed to appear in court or even meet Kaliba outside court to negotiate on how to clear an accumulated debt that came from a cancelled concert that was slated to take place last Christmas in Luwero town taxi park plus damages and costs.

The debt which was initially 2.65 million has since accumulated to almost 25 million and is the same reason the duos former manager Chagga is behind bars rotting away in Luwero until the money is paid back.

According to Kaliba even the airport staff at Entebbe have been tipped off about the search for Weasel so they can readily round him up in case he dare passes there. Artistes have failed to negotiate Weasel and Chagga out of this stand off leaving Kaliba with no option but to jail these fellows to recover his money.