By our reporter

Information reaching our desk indicates that Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel has sacked his manager Chagga for ill talking against socialite Bryan White.

While being interviewed by a local tabloid last Friday, Chagga expressed his dismay against Bryan White saying he has spoilt Weasel’s talent and business as a musician since he has barred him from making any show booking apart from performing at his Bryan White Foundation gigs.

“Don’t you see how he has killed my artiste? Weasel is the only artiste I am left with under my management (Gudlyfe) but I can no longer access him because Bryan White lies to him that he will give him money, then he disrespects him. Every time I talk to weasel, he is saying ‘Bryan White is going to buy me this and that, which he never does. He escorts him as he dishes out money to the entire world but he is not giving Weasel any of that money. He is feeding him on false hope. He has banned him from making any show bookings. Many people call asking for Weasel to perform at their shows to see how he will hold up without Radio but Bryan White tells him to refund all the money before he leaves,” recounted Chagga during an interview with Sqoop.

Sacked Chagga

Now it seems Weasel sees a very bright future ahead of him when he is with Bryan White thus opting to fire Chagga who has been acting as a barricade in his plans with the socialite.