By our reporter

Following an embarrassing clip which circulated all over social media where socialite Bryan White shouted at Weasel like a baby in public, Goodlyfe manager Chagga has today announced the end of partnership  between his only remaining artiste Weasel and Bryan White.

In a statement, Chagga said as Goodlyfe they agenda as a brand is to respect and partner with fellow artistes, business people and entities with an aim of developing one another but unfortunately Bryan White has failed to act per the mission.

“It’s a shame to our brand and our other business partners that believe in us when a client ( Bryan White ) doesn’t accord us RESPECT to the brand in an equal measure even after running to us to use weasel on his brand just during our trying moment,” said Chagga.

“Its from this that we halt any business dealing or community social responsibility that we have been engaging in with its founder and the foundation as a whole with immediate effect,” he added.

Meanwhile, Weasel will be currently going on a retreat to USA for two months to freshen up as he recovers from the loss of his dear brother and friend Mowzey Radio who passed on early this month.

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