By Stephen Kalema

Following the exit of former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu, the party Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi has furiously blamed Muntu for not being democratic enough to give the party time also to make its own consultations.

In his press statement Mafabi said “As a party we thought that Gen Muntu as a democratic person would have given the party time to make consultations using the same grassroots structures from which he claims to have generated the report and if need be, consult with other stakeholders to reach an amicable resolution.”

According to Mafabi, it’s regrettably sad that Muntu took a decision to leave the party without giving them a second to scrutinize his findings, but he just announced he was leaving the party immediately.

“As the most immediate former FDC president, having handed over the office less than a year ago, its regrettably sad that he has taken a decision to leave the party without giving his predecessors and former colleague in the struggle to work towards resolving different strategic differences in the party,” noted Mafabi.

However, on Thursday while Gen Muntu was answering questions for his exit and unveiling New Formation party at Hotel Africana, he said “There was no way of resolving internal conflicts in FDC without my exit and this is the best time Hon Patrick Amuriat has got to do his house cleaning because there is space for him since the people he remains with believe in him” Muntu continued and said “Besigye was very lucky that in his regime as the party president there were no internal conflicts but these internal conflicts started by the time I ascended to party presidency in 2012 and all along we have been in  conflicts. Even if it was me to have won Amuriat, conflicts still would be there. Me as Muntu I have no any conflicts with Amuriat and I whole heartedly agree that he won me and is the legitimate party president for FDC but he has to clean FDC or rebrand it”

On allegations that he was mole, Gen Muntu said “time will tell who the real moles are, I have been called this all my life even when I was still serving in the forces I was spied for some years, many didn’t think that the son of Muntuyera would join them (forces), but as time went on the truth came. Time is the best friend of all of us, soon we shall see who the moles were and who were honest.