By Watchdog reporter

Following Tuesday’s fracas at parliament where anti age limit bill MPs were manhandled and thrown out of parliament by allegedly security officers from State House, the Special Forces Command (SFC) Spokesperson Capt Jimmy Denis Omara has denied deploying their officers to execute such mission.

“It’s not true because we had no deployments in parliament,” Capt Omara told Chimpreports.

On the issue, of the general public identifying some security officers who were clad in suits as SFC soldiers, Omara insisted that they never deployed any of their officers.

However, the leader of yesterday’s unruly mission was identified as Hassan Mukiibi Serunjogi who is President Yoweri Museveni’s right hand man.

According to our sources, Serunjogi a former NRM poor youth Coordinator is not a soldier but he was chosen to lead the force because he was the only one who knew the physical faces of suspended and ‘big headed’ MPs.