By Mubiru Ivan

Organisers of the Kabagarame porkfest have called for calm, and promised better organisation for during the next event.

Kabagarame is a popular meeting place in Bushenyi, popular for pork. It only opens on Saturday, drawing pork lovers from as far as Kigali and Kampala.

Its little wonder that the moment people in Kampala heard that the experience from Bushenyi would be transferred to the city, they cleared their schedules for a Sunday out with family and friends.

However, most were left disappointed. Many cursed the organisers. Hundreds others vowed never to come back.

Journalist Andrew Kagwa on Monday posted on his facebook wall thus:

“Yesterday, someone interested me in an event at the Uganda Museum. Apparently it was named after a famous pork joint close to Bushenyi. Paid 10k at the entrance and less than 20 minutes into the grounds, we were told there was beer, sodas but not pork. That’s when I heard a Muganda curse, ‘For once in my life, am here to support them and imagine what, they managed to shift resources to one region but failed to shift pigs to the museum!’”

It seems the organisers read the mood.

On Monday, one of the organisers, send out a note of thanks and an apology, saying the numbers at the event were overwhelming.

“It was beyond what we could expect. To us, this showed love and support. We must acknowledge we got a few hiccups mainly on food, the meat was a recipe everyone wanted to die for. We couldn’t see this coming and unfortunately we were unlucky not to be Jesus so we couldn’t make a miracle like when he made stones into bread. We planned for utmost 800 people but the e system shows we got over 1,500 people,” he said.

“For anyone who has organised an event in Kampala, no first time event has made even 500 people. So for us this was beyond. We redeployed all sectors. People ate over 1,000kgs. So where we had challenges, kindly take our apologies and being a first time event, we learnt on job,” he added.

The event was fully and 100 per cent privately funded with no sponsor.

The organisers also promised that the next Edition will be bigger, better and ballistic

“Your feedback and positive criticism is our strength. It’s your event not the organisers’ event. And so we are listening with an attentive ear.”

“Thank you. Thank, thank you. Stronger Together.’