Joe Kigozi resigned from Mengo based BBS terefayina. In his letter he recognized there was speculation he was leaving soon, and had to quit.

Below is the email he wrote his bosses at night, resigning from his job as ‘senkulu’ ahead of his unveiling as chief of strategy at NBS this week:

Below is the letter in which he forgot we were in September, and said he was resigning in October:

It’s been 2 years since I started my journey to set up and manage the Buganda kingdom television -BBS Terefayina .

I have resigned my position as chief executive officer of BBS Terefayina with effect from 13th October 2017.

I have completed my job gracefully and passionately in creating a top tv brand. Among the top 5 before her 2nd birthday.

The curtains are finally down . I would like to thank Buganda kingdom for appointing me as the 1st Chief Executive Officer of BBS Terefayina.

I would like to thank my BBS board and management team and BBS staff for creating history.

Above all I would like to thank the BBS viewers for accepting the BBS Terefayina brand in your shops , living rooms and phones .

I have left BBS as the fastest growing tv brand in Uganda .

I wish you all the best.

This ends all the speculation.

Ssabasajja kabaka awangale.