The Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has said that those blaming the government as not empowering the youth either lack information or turning a blind on the reality and not being honest.

Ssekandi said that Government is aware that the youth are vulnerable and disadvantage because many of them luck particular life skills saying that is why Government initiated programs like Youth Livehood Programme, as one of the interventions to high unemployment rate and poverty among the youth in the country.

Ssekandi was addressing a youth conference Kampala International Christian Centre in Kyanja added that Youth Livehood Programme is aimed at empowering the youth to harsen their socio economic potential and increase self-employment opportunities and income levels.

He revealed that Government approved 265 billion shillings for the first 5 years of implementation from 2013 to 2918 and under which, the Youth will be able to acquire marketable vocational skills and tool kits for Self-employment and job creation

He also said that the Youth are being supported to establishing income generation activities as well as acquiring entrepreneurship and life skills as an integral part of their livehoods and attaining relevant knowledge and information for attitudinal change targeting unemployed Youth aged between 18-50 years.

The Vice President commended the leadership of Kampala International Christian Centre for the various projects that the organization is running including the skills training for the youth and urged the young people, to make use of the training and use the knowledge to contribute to the welfare of their communities.

Bishop Elijah Sebuchu said that about 20,000 youth from Uganda and the neighboring countries will be attending the week-long convention during which they will share various experience and also get skills on business, education and HIV Aids by different facilitators.

The Vice President also opened the Church Radio 104.9 success FM.