By Mike Ssegawa
We all know what has happened with Uganda’s campaign at the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 in Gabon. It is over.
Today, Wednesday, we are playing for honour in our last group game with Mali.
In the previous two games, Cranes fell in the dying minutes; a penalty made the difference against Ghana and an 89’ goal against Egypt.
Coach Micho has told his team and Ugandans that they deserve to leave with at least a point. Yes, the we deserve. Uganda is yet to score in the tournament and we have no point.
However, no one can take away from this Cranes team the fact that they fell after giving their best. 100%.
Our team is playing at this level for the first time since 1978. And this year, they are doing us proud, fighting like heroic soldiers in service for their country.
Ghana and Egypt could have fallen to Cranes. Pedigree took the say. However, the Ugandan boys dressed in national colours stood up to the big boys of the continent and made their statement.
As they play against Mali today, another experience side, we ought to support our shujas all the way. And since Cranes is going to play ahead of the Liberation Day (January 26), we wish they give us a happy holiday.
However, whatever comes out of the game, we should be proud of Cranes. Uganda Cranes have played for honour. They have not humiliated us. They lost fight. And they deserve the respect and faith of all Ugandans as they play in more tournaments at the high level as they bring Uganda more glory and visibility.