By Kiyimba Bruno

Vodafone has extended a hand to train students of Kampala International University in an incubation program that will kick start their careers.

The program will enable new graduates to develop their professional and behavioral skills as well as gain valuable work experience from Vodafone, one of the leading telecom companies in the world. At Vodafone, the most promising students will be opened to different job opportunities within the organization as well as an expanded network of associates and professionals who can benefit them in the future.

The mentorship program is also expected to empower the graduates from KIU to be more useful to the organizations they will join after the six-month mentorship program.

Dubbed the Graduate Development Programme, students will undergo a six months’ rotational programme which involves intensive experiential learning assignments.

In the seventh month, they will be required to make Business Improvement Project presentations at the end of the development program.

In a competitive and tough Ugandan job market, the program these students will undergo will enable them gain exposure to real-world problems and challenges facing today’s organizations and employees.

In effect, the students will increase their marketability to employers when they graduate, on top of smoothing their transition from student life to the workforce.

Students are also expected to develop self-confidence which they need to tackle the demanding challenges of the modern workplace.

KIU is a private university Chartered by the Ugandan government, which means all the university’s academic programmes and awards are nationally and internationally recognized.