By Watchdog reporter

First and foremost we condemn such acts of undermining people’s cars however small it may be.

Today we hear cries of Dembe FM presenter Bina Babie who happens to be among some discontented owners of a Toyota Vitz.

Bina Babie has asked government to help them as vitz owners because it’s becoming too much.

On behalf of other owners, the presenter says while on roads they are always undermined and disrespected by drivers of monster cars and worst still even boda boda riders mistreat them. They always call their cars(vitz) ‘small things’.

“We vitz drivers ask government for help, boda boda guys and drivers of monster cars always insult us on roads, they tell us to remove our small things out of the way,” Bina Babie stated.

“This one has just knocked me and gave me only shs50,000 to go and repair my car,” she added.