By Watchdog reporter

Uganda’s biggest media House Vision Group has fired its head of Distribution and circulation manager Joseph Lwanga, Circulation manager in charge of commercial printing Perez Kawumi, Godfrey Isabirye who is the regional sales supervisor over misconduct.

According to Daily Inspector online media, the three managers were selling newspapers to their own agents and in the end they would share the money among themselves. On average, the media house was losing 8000 copies per day worth shs8 Million.

In total, the trio caused the media house a loss of shs11.5 billion.

The inside sources revealed that the three culprits were Vision Group boss Robert Kabushenga’s henchmen and that’s why they were given a soft landing out of the media company instead of being arrested.

Apparently Kabushenga is also on the edge of being fired after being accused of misusing his office on several occasions.