By Watchdog reporter

Bukedde TV’s journalist Joseph Settimba was arrested yesterday in Ggaba along with two police officers and other two conmen after robbing a Chinese investor, a one Cheng Rensing the proprietor of Sea Foods Ltd located in Kawuku , Ggaba.

It is alleged that Settimba was trying to blackmail the Chinese with spreading dirty information about his firm on media.

Now news reaching Watchdog indicate that Vision Group, the owner of Bukedde TV is attempting to cover up for Settimba who is currently detained at Kabalagala police station.

The media group officials have been seen moving up and down at Kabalagala police station, making enormous phone calls trying to negotiate with the responsible authorities so that their journalist could be released as soon as possible.

But is it right for a professional media house like New Vision to block justice especially as far as media ethics in concerned?

It is not right to defend a journalist who has gone against the media code of conduct especially if the case involves unprofessionalism so what Vision Group is doing is very wrong.

It should leave the law to take part irrespective of the shame the group has faced as well as the fear of negative responses from public.

Settimba is not the first journalist to be involved in extortion, many journalist find themselves in the middle of the act.

Some enjoy it whereas many get involved in such atrocity not because they like but the root cause generates from their respective media houses which give them little or no pay.

Some media houses even fail to raise transport costs for their journalist when sending them in the field so what do you expect far from Settimba’s action?