By Watchdog reporter

Vision Group Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga has condemned Makerere University researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s move of disrespecting First Lady Janet Museveni to the extent of insulting her with all sort of obscene words.

Early this week, Nyanzi through her Facebook account, intensely insulted Janet Museveni. This is the second time that Nyanzi is vehemently attacking the Education minister.

Kabushenga says for the 31 years that Janet has been first lady of Uganda, she has conducted herself with decency and he doesn’t recall a single occasion where she has insulted anyone publicly.

According to him, it’s okay to disagree with her, criticize her but insulting Janet is totally unacceptable because in culture they do not abuse mothers.

Robert Kabushenga posted on Facebook;

Folks, for the last 31 years that Maama Janet has been First Lady of Uganda, she has conducted herself with decency. On a continent where some people in her position have been an embarrassment & even become hate figures, she has gone about her role with quiet dignity. I don’t recall a single occasion where she has insulted anyone publicly. And i have been in public for nearly 20 years. In fact when she was in parliament, she spoke only when wisdom was required.  I know many people, in fact very many people who view her with great admiration for what she is as a person & what she has accomplished for others.  You may disagree with her. You don’t even have to like her. You should actually criticise her. But insulting her is totally unacceptable. In our culture we DO NOT abuse our mothers. We revere them. We live our grandmothers, our wives, our sisters & especially our daughters. When as a society we start to insult & abuse our women, we have lost our souls.