The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Committee has forwarded the petition by Vipers SC about alleged vandalism of their property by Sc Villa fans at St Mary’s stadium to the FUFA Investigatory Chamber.

Vipers SC petitioned FUFA with claims that Sc Villa fans damaged their stadium property on Saturday 23rd September, 2017 during the Azam Uganda Premier League match in Kitende.

In a communication by the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel Chairman Deo Mutabazi it reads;

The case of vandalism of the stadium and misconduct by individual Sc Villa fans mentioned in the Vipers SC’s petition has been referred to the FUFA Disciplinary Committee for further Investigations and action in accordance with Article 6.9 (b) of the FUFA Competitions Rules’

After Investigations, the report will be handed over to the FUFA Disciplinary-Adjudicatory Chamber to take decision based on the findings.

Sc Villa has already been fined by FUFA One Million Shillings and docked two points while their team manager Jumba Mohammed and goalkeeper were handed four and two match bans for unsporting conduct and use of threatening language towards the referee.