By Watchdog reporter

If he didn’t come to Kampala, what would Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago be doing? Today, he gave us a glimpse. Thank Allah, he is Lord Mayor as he acted out village life.

Lukwago who never leaves it to anyone’s imagination that he is a village boy at heart but found love in his country’s capital city, looked good in the photographs that are circulating on social media today.

The city of Kampala has given Lukwago power, fame and money. And when he looks back, all he had this to say; “Back to the roots. It’s quite refreshing, spending Eid day at our ancestral home in Kabungo, Kalungu, Masaka as I reminisce on those childhood chores. But I dread every single minute spent on the deadly Masaka highway. I humbly appeal to all motorists to drive carefully.”

Today, on Idd, he visited his parents in Kalungu districts and tried out what he would be be doing if he had not come to the city.

He fetched water, chopped wood and grazed the goats among other things. It could have been a great day for him realising how far he came.