Maserikale Hillary who was first arrested for causing a scuffle at the UNHCR and later released, flee his country Rwanda because of political persecution together with a faction of other asylum seekers.

On 25th September they protested demanding for their protection at the UNCHR offices in kololo.

“For us who are having evidence pinning Kayihura they want to kill us. ” said Hillary.

He alleges to be having information pinning the former IGP Kayihura and have lead to the arrest of 152 police officers which has now put his life in jeopardy.

He is not the only one asking for protection  as his other friends whom we shall call Jane and silver we managed to interview are also facing their own music.

Silver is a homosexual who is always on the run fearing for his life as residents want to beat him since the act Of homosexuality is a taboo in Uganda.

For Jane, she claims to be a single mother who has no where to stay with her kids not having any education and what to eat.

They all claim to have spent five months outside the UNCHR asking for protection but in vain.

Speaking to the assistant refugee protection officer   Margaret Atieno, admits knowing about there concern which they are working around the clock to solve and only calls for their corporation since there are procedures followed.

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