By Curthbert Kigozi

With the large pockets of poverty in the family of 16, Yiga came up with an idea of selling beans and onions which her sister (Leonia) agreed to in 2017 to try reducing on the grinding poverty in the family.

‘’ I would see my agements smoking weed and doing all sorts of evil which I refused to do and decided to start up this business.’’ He says.

The 11yr old Yiga and 10yr old Leonia are among bread winners in the home including their parents who sell Matooke in Kimombasa a suburb in Bwaise division two where their elder brothers and sisters (some are single parents already) are trapped in the holes of unemployment.

It’s with capital of shs20,000 their mum gave them that Yiga and Leonia used to start up their business.

Over the weekend and in the holidays, the gallant siblings walk to Kalerwe market from Bwaise to purchase beans to sell that day.

During school times, their mum purchases for them and in the evening after school, they resume with their business.

On a good day they make shs35,000 and on a bad one, shs10,000-shs20,000.

The primary six students say that the money made from their small business helps them to put food on table at home and also help cater for their school fees and a few basic needs.


The rainy season that floods their area of work and customers who bargain without  buying baffles the 10 yr old Leonia and 11 yr old Yiga.

Message to their fellow youths

‘’I want my fellow girls of my age to get what to do during the holidays, and if its school time, you study.’’ Says Leonia

They urge the youth to get something to keep them busy rather than being idle.