By Watchdog reporter

If you studied from Ugandan schools and its true you well attended your classes; probably you still remember some of the teachers who used to torment you or your fellow classmates.

Now unbelievable video of a no nonsense school girl beating up her teacher who assaulted her has surfaced online and it’s already moving around social media like wildfire.

In a video, a female teacher in class is seen beating a young girl who is well clad in a blue school uniform.She endlessly canes her badly and in retaliation, a school girl pushes her teacher into the desks and starts fisting on her.

I know most of you wish you had such confidence during those days so that you could ‘work on’ the teachers who used to punish you for no reason.

Watch video here;

I wish I had this girl's courage when I was her age. She Taught the Teacher a lesson…in the right place, Class.

Posted by Richard Kofi Tuwangye on Wednesday, June 28, 2017