By Curthbert Kigozi

Today 17th/04/2018 was a day to decide ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s fate at the police court in Nagururu since the police court tribunal had postponed the court sessions twice (10th/04/2018-12th/04/2018) an issue Kirumira didn’t come to tabs with.

On his arrival at the police court, Kirumira got hot under the collar when it came to his senses that the media was denied to cover the hearing of court which was to decided his fate.

Scenes of chaos where witnessed as ASP kirumira forcefully let the media into the court premises though his efforts fell on bear rock since the doors letting one into court where shut.

The police spokes person Emilian Kayima weighed his response towards ASP Kirumiras reactions which he termed as unlawful.

Kirumira who calls himself a civil activists says he is tired of putting on the police uniform and wants the court to give verdict on his case.

ASP Muhammed Kirumira was charged for extortion, abuse of power and corruption charges he pleads not guilty according to him.