By Curthbert Kigozi

A wet Wednesday morning that will remain a red letter day for the police as they failed to arrest Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who was in concert with other musicians (A-pass, hilderman) and journalist(Raymond Mujunyi, Joel Senyonyi) all in protest of the social media and mobile tax.

‘’We reject the social media tax, we reject the mobile tax we are not going to accept it and we are sending a clear message to members of the parliament and the president of Uganda.’’, the kyadondo MP expressed himself.

The determined Ghetto president who was joined by the citizens chanting ‘’People power’’ escorted kyagulanyi who started the protest from mini price down town Kampala to the city square were police was waiting to net the resolute people power philosopher.

Scenes of chaos were witnessed coupled with tear gas cans flying over to disperse the crowds away of easing the police’s work to arrest Robert kyagulanyi which was in vain.

The valiant honorable managed to escape the police blockade and run down town where he also had time to address the gathering that was green about why he was being chased up and down in the city.

‘’We are not here to spoil peoples business but we are here to show how we are not pleased with what’s going on in our country.’’. He added.

The people’s power daring later disappeared in an arcade living the police at cross roads wondering where his hide out was.

A few minutes later, speculations where circulated of how the honorable was already in the parliament after efforts of police arresting him where unsuccessful.

Speaking to the Kampala metropolitan Area police spokes person, Luke Owoyesigyire, told Watchdog Uganda that two people, David Lule 34, Julius katongole 21, were arrested and be hold at the central police on charges of Assault, Inciting violence and holding unlawful assembly.

And about Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine

‘’We shall write to parliament for to invite him to police so as he records a statement upon what has happened and the allegations that he was the ring leader of all of this.”, Owoyesigyire added

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