By Watchdog reporter

Aggressive Lwengo District chairperson George Mutabazi was recently kicked off the flight at Kigali airport in Rwanda.

The reason why he was thrown off the flight remains unknown but according to Kakensa Media, the chairperson was bounced because of misbehaving after over drinking.

In a video moving around social media, Mutabazi is seen crying asking the security operatives what he did to deserve search embarrassment.

” Why are you doing this to me? Am a leader. Do I deserve this really?” He cried out.

Mutabazi is much remembered for caning residents of Lwengo whom he accused of being lazy.

Probably his arrogance this time landed him into trouble.

Watch video here;

I told you the aggressiveness of Lwengo district chairman Godfrey Mutabaazi shall one day lead him into hot soup. If you are leader like he claims, then you must understand the role of a good leader and live exemporaly. Whatever he did on this flight, i have no idea but i have been told he was over drunk and began misbehaving. He was thrown off the flight at Kigali airport in Rwanda

Posted by Kakensa Media on Saturday, June 24, 2017