By Watchdog reporter

Every now and then in Uganda things continue to get out of hand; be it in economic, political, social and religious aspects.

In the past we used to see pastors from other African countries like Nigeria, Ghana performing weird rituals on their followers like drinking urine, eating grass, spraying them with pesticides with the main essence of securing salvation.

Initially Ugandans thought they were safe from that kind of madness little did they know that soon they will be ‘ambushed’ by a new breed of pastors who are pleased to perform the same weird acts on their jolly followers.

Not far from that, last Friday, Joseph Kabuleta, a veteran journalist and gospel minister, joined several worshipers to kiss Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes as a way of honouring him.

Some followers were seen almost licking the pastor’s shoes since they couldn’t get enough of them.

This was at a special event to pay tribute to Prophet Mbonye’s impact on their lives at Kololo Independence grounds.

Prophet Mbonye’s followers were tasked to part with shs 1 Million, 750k, 500k, and 300k to attend the event- which, at the end of the night, was packed to the brim.