By Waswa Tenywa

Police together with other sister security agencies have revealed that since the raid on Usafi mosque on 28th April 2018 to pursue suspects in the kidnap and murder of the late Susan Magara by joint security operation, they have so far rescued 154 people from captivity including 28 women, 63 girls and 63 boys.

In the first place and after the first operation, the internal affairs minister Jeje Odong announced that they had rescued 36 people from the mosque and were being interrogated.

Addressing the media today at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, the assistant police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said they have increased the number of charges to be slapped on the suspects which include human trafficking, sexual violence, defilement murder and kidnap with intent to demand ransom.

Onyango also said the investigations have showed that 7 girls are pregnant and 11 were defiled adding that the operation is still ongoing and that this week the culprits will be taken to court for charges.

He added that police and other sister security agencies are still at Usafi mosque because it’s still a crime scene and revealed that several exhibits have been recovered from scenes as investigations continue at the scene.

Meanwhile the deputy army spokesperson for Uganda people’s defense forces Lt. col.Deo Akiki said they intervened in the operation because they detected an element of terrorism as a result of people coming in from different boarder points.

‘’we shall not sit back to relax when the country is being damaged, we shall come out to help police and other security agencies to maintain peace and save our beautiful nation,’’said Akiki.