By Watchdog reporter

Early this week, an International NGO Human Rights Watch released a report regarding the 2016 Kasese crisis.

The report alleged that Uganda government used excessive force against civilians in Kasese which led to the death of more than 100 people including children.

USA has added another distinct voice regarding the Kasese clash. It demands that Uganda should fully investigate and avail a factual report to Ugandans regarding what really transpired during the course.

According a statement by US, they remain deeply troubled by the reported disproportionate use of force by security officials in the November 27 raid on the palace of a traditional king,during which scores of civilians were killed.

“We are particularly concerned by reports that security forces made no effort to remove unarmed people from compound, which may have contributed to the death of numerous children,” statement partly reads.

“As noted previously, the Embassy urges the government to conduct or permit a fair and independent investigation into this incident in the interest of upholding the rule of law,” statement further notes.

US says Ugandan people deserve a full and factual accounting of the events in Kasese, which the government has not yet allowed.

On Wednesday, The Director of Uganda Media Centre came out and pinched loopholes in the Human Rights Watch Report citing that it lacked in-depth.