The United States yesterday carried out lethal airstrikes against the Islamic State in Southeastern Somalia, killing terrorists in large numbers.

The strikes were conducted in two phases, with the first one in the midnight of Thursday, while the second one was conducted in the morning of Friday.

It should be noted that this is the first time the US has carried out airstrikes against the Islamic state in Somalia, a country which has for long been deadlocked in insurgences, majorly by the Alquaeda linked Alshabab.

The African command said that the two drone strikes, which were carried out in cordination with the Somali government killed “Several terrorists” in the northeast of the country.

Local officials in the country confirmed the strike. At least 6 missiles struck Buqa, a remote mountainous village which is 60 kilometres north of Quantala town, in the northern state of putland, terrifying normards who quickly fled the area, together with their animals.

Due to her weak defenses, Somalia has been infiltrated by terror groups, the largest being the Al shabab which has caused miseries to many Somalis.

The Islamic State made its way into Somalia in October 2015, led by Sheik Abdul Quadir Mumin with an approximate 300 fighters. Since then, it has masterminded several terrorist attacks in the country.

In its efforts to expand its influence in East Africa, the group which majorly operates in mountainous Putland in Somalia is a big threat to East African countries. For example on September 13th, 2016, the group attacked Mombasa port in Kenya and killed many people.

The US trike mainly targeted the group’s leaders and this was almost accomplished with many of their affiliates killed. This bolstered the US fight against the Islamic state world wide.