By Felix Oketcho

Kampala Capital City Authority boss Jennifer Musisi has been recognized and bestowed African Leadership Award and Medal of Honor for her outstanding contribution to Africa’s economic growth and development.

The award was presented to her this week by Acting President of Madagascar, His Excellency Rivo Rakotovao in New York, United States of America.

Among other recipients included Ralph Everard Gonsalves the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent of Grenadines and Dr Walton Ekundayo, Chief Executive officer of Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone.

Commenting about the award, Musisi under scored the need for Africa to take advantage of the opportunity to make changes in their jurisdiction by prioritizing on creating sustainable inclusive employment for the nationals.

“I totally  believe that Africa will only be transformed by Africans taking a lead to plan passionately pursue all efforts to lift the continent out of the place it has been relegated to its rightful place as a gifted continent,” said Musisi.

Speaking in New York, Musisi further said the continent’s young and increasing population presents unprecedented opportunity to spur rapid development.

African Leadership magazine, annually, organizes awards ceremonies across Africa and the world to honour outstanding service, best practices and Leadership excellence on the continent, as well as recognise contributions of International development partners and Friends of Africa who are adding value to Africa.

Musisi took over KCCA top administrative position in 2011 since then has transformed Kampala city into a possible model city in the region.

Key achievement 

According to Peter Kaujju KCCA Public Relations officer under Musisi regime, revenue collection has increased by 180 percent, from Shs 30.3 Billion as reported in 2011 to a total of Shs 84.9 Billion as at the end of financial year 2015/16.

Kaujju also says under Musisi administration revenue management has improved with introduction electronic revenue management system called e-Citie which provides online services for tax payments.

“Tax payers now pay through different platforms including EFTs, online banking and mobile money.infact the System currently has over 109,684 Tax Payers registered and has handled over of 400,000 transactions,”Kaujju said.

He adds that the automation of revenue collections has increased revenue collections, reduced pilferage and improved services to the clients.