By Herbert Bukenya

Nankya Zavuga a United States based nkuba kyeyo who has fallen head over heels for new big spender on the Kampala social scene Bryan White real names Brian Kirumira has said she will love him like no body ever will.

In a video call that made rounds online especially among social media platforms frequented by Ugandans in the diaspora, Zavuga promised to lavish him with everything she has saying he is her ideal kind of man she wants to have fun with for the rest of her life!

Bryan White

Onto this Zavuga who has a mixed Ugandan American accent promised that as soon as his charges of attempted murder are dropped or the case is concluded, she will organise for him a visit to the USA where the two will party in Las Vegas among other places.

She also added that she will get him a blue passport short form for the coveted passport of the USA and will help him process citizenship of the same country so he can have one more over his enemies and haters.

Many are still wondering whether this is real love or just a smart lady positioning to enjoy the young spender’s free flowing money that has excited and irritated many in this town in equal measure considering there are many capable Ugandan men in the USA she has ignored in order to chase Brian White.