By Namugerwa Martha

Uganda Revenue Authority has pardoned a businessman who confessed for having smuggled counterfeit electrical wires in Uganda for a long time.

Semakula Roanld was pardoned during a joint press conference between URA and Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) which has been held at the URA headquarters in Nakawa today.

Semakula, a businessman who used to smuggle counterfeit electrical wires in Uganda, shared how he used to illegally dodge taxes and bleached the porous border posts.

KACITA traders were further taken on a tour around the Document Processing Center and the RECTS headquarters by Dicksons kateshumbwa the Commissioner of customs in URA.

Kateshumbwa said that there are over 40 customs cases handled since the first meeting between URA and city traders last week.

“We are going to engage with traders on sector basis to understand their cases better and serve them more personally.” Kateshumbwa said.