Four motor vehicles with suspicious registration plates were netted by the enforcement team in the lead up to the long Easter Weekend in Kampala.

As the team prepared to hit Kampala’s busy streets, news about a Toyota Super Custom with fake registration numbers (UAX 006 C) came in. The registration plate number belongs to a Toyota Corona and not a Super Custom. The team quickly reacted to the intel , netting the car in Bunga, a city suburb.

Next was a Toyota Wish registration plate number (UAW 070 X), which belongs to a Toyota Noah. Moments later, a pearl white Nissan registration number (UAV 506 U) was intercepted with a number that belongs to a Toyota Premio.

And as that was being handled, a vigilant citizen alerted the team about a vehicle in Kansanga. The team dashed there and immediately netted a Chrysler with registration plate number (UAK 930 Y), which registration plate is registered to a Dodge Salon vehicle. All vehicles were towed to URA Headquarters , Nakawa as offence management ensued.