By Stephen Kalema

Acting Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Patrick Mukibi while giving welcome remarks yesterday as the authority was closing the taxpayer’s appreciation week with a grand dinner, called on Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to start naming streets after best taxpayer’s names since the money used to construct roads, a bigger percentage comes from taxi payers.

“Taxes are the driving waves to all of us in Uganda and perhaps on the days where some people are given rewards even tax payers could also share the same platform. Uganda National Roads Authority is constructing many good roads and perhaps names of our taxpayers are named after these beautiful looking roads” said Mukibi

Mukibi added “Naming our tax payers on streets of roads would be another way of showing our appreciations to them,”

Tax payment culture in Uganda is increasing gradually however there is still a lot of non-compliance.  

Mukibi also appealed to the public to comply positively and pay tax. 

“We are able to empower whoever needs knowledge in all manners of taxation, I call all Ugandans to comply with paying taxes and URA is ready to facilitate all your complaints.” Added Mukibi.

However according to research which URA conducted, most Ugandan hate paying taxes, due to corruption among government officials.

Meanwhile, Mukibi promised Ugandans that “This year we are tackling all corners of corruptions which have been in URA and am sure this financial and previous Ugandans paying taxes number has increased since there has been a progressive house cleaning and we hope to meet our target this financial year 2019/20 which is 16 Trillion and all this money is expected you tax payers therefore you must know without you taxi payers there is no URA,” 

Last financial year URA failed to meet its target and according to Commissioner General Doris Akol, the new tax policies that were passed by the parliament; Import duty on imported crude palm oil and tax on race were removed which affected their target.

The taxpayer’s appreciation week ended with prize winning where a bajagi cuti car was won by one Pérez Abed.

At the dinner, best exhibitors and best taxpayers were also awarded. 

Best non-governmental exhibitor was Roko constructions ltd, Ruparelia group emerged the 2nd runners up, Uganda Nation Roads Authority was the best government exhibitor, and best taxpayer award was given to Crown beverages.