By Watchdog reporter

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) board chairman Simon Kagugube has told the Parliamentary Committee on Commission of Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) that they learnt of the shs6 billion Presidential handshake from the media.

“URA board had no role in the handshake. We learnt of it thru media like anyone else. Kagugube at Parliamentary proceedings,” Kagugube said.

To say this, Kagugube was being grilled by MPs led by Abdu Katuntu today about the infamous shs6 billion presidential handshake which was shared among senior government officials after winning a capital tax gains case against Heritage Oil.

The oil cash bonanza sparked public outrage where 42 senior government officials were awarded shs6 billion by President Museveni for their role in a capital gains tax dispute, in which the government was awarded a total of $700m.