By our reporter

Uganda Revenue Authority has for the past three days camped at the fast rising television, NBS.

For reasons best known to URA, it’s officers descended on the Kamokya based media company and demanded specific information.

When they didn’t get it voluntarily, information reaching our desk indicates, URA officers read the staff on duty the law and started dismantling computers.

We understand that the taxmen first went to the fifth floor which houses among others the CEO’s office and finance department, before they realised some computers were missing as NBS finance staff had smuggled the key computers to the third floor which is largely the operations floor for the television.

It took security reinforcement to break into particular offices which the customs officers suspected contained information about the company they needed.

Our sources at the television say staff have not been briefed about what was taking places, but have been left confused on what was happening around the fastest growing private media firm in the country.

Sources further say URA staff removed or copied hard disks from several computers and by Sunday were still carrying out their operation at Media Plaza which started on Friday.

“We are yet to establish what exactly is taking place” said the source, adding that Mr Kin Kaliisa the CEO and owner of the company was reported out of office during the siege.

However reliable sources explain that URA could be on a mission to establish Kaliisa’s tax compliance, especially after several staff left the company in the past one year or so with several grievances.

One of the senior staff was earning about 2.5 million shillings and had worked for the company for 10 years only to reach NSSF and be told his filed records show his pay was Sh500,000.

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