On Friday, Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) engineers were urged to avoid deviating from the original pillars/foundations of National Resistance Army/UPDF in order to sustain the successes scored by UPDF both internally and externally.

This was said by the Deputy Commander of Land Forces Maj.Gen Sam Kavuma made the remarks as he officiated at the closure of a three-day (17th-19th September 2018) training workshop on ideological clarity at Uganda Military Engineering College (UMEC), Lugazi, in Mukono.

Maj Gen Kavuma said every society has a specific way of doing things, noting that UPDF’s way of life is built on focused and Knowledgeable leadership, the maintenance of conscious discipline, patriotism, pan-Africanism and good fighters.

He added that because of the forgetful nature of human kind, there is need to continuously remind ourselves of the pillars of NRA/ UPDF, thus explaining the need for the ideological clarity course.

“Do not get tired of repeating things that score,” Maj Gen Sam Kavuma told UPDF engineers, adding that Uganda was once described by Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa because of its best climate, fresh water, green cover, fertile soils and welcoming people.

He went ahead to remind Officers to preserve the peace so far attained so that Uganda can still be referred to as the Pearl of Africa.

The Deputy CLF warned UPDF engineers to avoid bad acts like too much love for money, corruption/ bribery, theft, tribalism, prostitution, etc; noting that detesting such acts will make UPDF more professional. “Any observance of disobedience, most especially sectarianism based on tribe or religion at respective units/ formations will automatically call for immediate punishment,” Maj Gen Kavuma cautioned UPDF engineers.

Maj Gen Kavuma further urged Officers to strongly hold the pillars of NRA/UPDF in high regard for the survival of future generations.

The UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Brig Henry Masiko, earlier urged UPDF engineers to be knowledgeable and willing to sacrifice whenever in service for the good of the country.

The Commandant of UMEC Brig Denis Asiimwe on behalf of the Chief of UPDF Engineers Brigade Brig Timothy Sabiiti commended the newly trained Officers on ideological clarity for successfully completing the 3-day course.
Brig Asiimwe said having a strong foundation is the epitome of stability in a country and thanked the UPDF Chieftaincy of Political Commisseriate for offering the ideological re-awakening course.

He implored the fresh graduates to use the acquired skills in transforming Officers and Men in their respective units or formations.

In attendance were UPDF Chiefs and Directors at UMEC and facilitators from the UPDF Chieftaincy of Political Commisseriate, among others.