By Moses Ntare

The Uganda people’s Congress (UPC) party has come out to criticize the ultra modern escort armored vans /pickups meant for legislators as directed by President Yoweri Museveni.

A move to purchase these vehicles is to catch up with the ongoing security threats mainly against top government officials.
The UPC party according to its press release of Wednesday said that the amount of purchasing those vehicles is huge for the country’s economy and advised the government to exhaust all possible means before embarking on this.
It went ahead to say that the form of insecurity the government should be fighting is unemployment, poverty, absence of food on the tables of ordinary Ugandans.
The party officials further advised the sitting government on the issue of banning airtime scratch cards, saying that this issue should be implemented in phases, alarming that it would create a difficult situation since “easy load” services are scarce in local areas.
And lastly, the UPC party alarmed that there is illicit consumption of alcohol among the youth. It said that alcohol tot packs /sachets in lowest packetable quantities and cheap pricing of about 200 shillings are a threat to the youth.
“Such alcohol is destructive to life and future of the youth ” read the press release.
According to the party, alcoholism in the country has been accelerated by unemployment, poverty and other issues.
The party has called upon government to come up with policies which would help the vulnerable youth from alcohol and drug abuse.