By Badru Mulisike

My beautiful teenage lover,I miss you

We were two high school kids,head over heels in love

I used to feel your longing and passion,for you were pure and honest Though I feared to utter the word,I showed you love with my actions

You replying with kind smiles, making me hope for the best

Oh my teenage lover, there were no words between us

No promises no lies, only longing and desire

But is this our end?


As the rest of the girls your age, I hear you now only want old men

Men who have made enough money, for you to enjoy and live large

But remember money is like a sharp knife!

Handling it skilfully it is a useful tool, but if not you can get hurt

If your pride is all about owning things, you will never stand tall

Oh my teenage lover, day and night I used to pray to have your beauty

But you now believe am too young for you, yet we are age mates

You call me a “mere boy”, mummy’s boy

Is this really fair, my dearest lover?


Oh my beautiful teenage lover, the once serene young flower

I used to sacrifice my time and my little money, all to impress you

Though it seemed impossible at first, I never gave up through the years

I would cry piteously waiting for your answer, whether good or bad!

My beautiful teenage lover, you will always be my gorgeous one

I love you my dear one, and I wish only good things for you

I want you to have a happy life, with or without me

AllI wanted you to know was, seeing your smile each day would light my path

But it seems you can never love me back, so I shall let you go!

Oh my sweet teenage lover, why has destiny chosen to pull us apart?

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