By Watchdog reporter

What befell Makindye West MP Allan Sewanyana is absurd rather laughable after falling in the FUFA’s ‘lions den’.

Sewanyama was on Thursday humiliated in FUFA elections after badly losing to unknown entity.

It begun like any other election day, Sewanyana couldn’t wait to be announced as a FUFA delegate in Kampala unfortunately his dream was shuttered after scooping only one vote, I repeat only one vote and he couldn’t figure out that one good Samaritan who saved him from being pinned on the wall of shame because if it was not for this voter, the angered MP would be clinging on the side of some people who ‘made it in life’ after achieving zeros once in their lifetime.

Ssewanyana lost to Fufa Excom member Darius Mugoye 14-1 in the Kampala region polls under the third Division category. “I am happy that the people have decided,” said a happy Mugoye after the election at the Fufa headquarters in Mengo.

However in a shameless defense, the vibrant MP stated that many of his voters were locked out and he vowed to suppress Moses Magogo’s plans to be re-elected as FUFA president.

“Let us see what happens because this battle to see who will eventually become Fufa President in August is not over,”

The other five members who also made it to be part of the delegates for Kampala region include Fufa president Moses Magogo, Hamid Juma, Sande Moni, Robert Sserunjogi and Haruna Tamale.

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