By Namugerwa Martha

United Nation’s resident coordinator in Uganda Rosa Malango has crowned up the Uganda climate action hackathon which was organized by Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) at hotel Africana today after a three day summit of developing an application which can help share weather information and updates to everyone in the country.

While at the hackathon, Malango said that how Uganda shares her weather information is the key question for the competition in order to create an application that will send weather information to everyone.

“Addressing weather challenges is important because it helps us fight against climate change in Uganda and we are proud to work with young people on this challenge to change the way weather information is shared in Uganda,” Malango said.

She added that any innovations on weather information sharing needs to be translated to simple and local languages in order to address Uganda’s diverse population.

the winning teams and Rosa Malango the UN resident coordinator with UNMA representatives.

“The applications you developed will be useful in helping in our programmes such as the presidential initiative of wetlands and also putting in place effective early warning systems for Ugandans about weather or climate change,” Malango added.

She further added that climate change is one of the factors which will be discussed at the forth coming Uganda solidarity refugee summit next week but the ideas the groups provided can help them provide new solutions.

The weather hackathon was organized by UNMA and Uganda Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with five contesting groups.

The winner was Afrigap with shs 3 million reward followed by Thinkline256 shs 2 million and lastly Tracktor with shs 1 million.