Barely a month after the release of Marvel’s blockbuster movie dubbed Black Panther, Nigeria has produced its own version of the game-changing sequel.

Marvel’s introductory film to Wakanda superhero Black Panther continues to break records, recently crossing the $1 billion mark in worldwide sales.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is also a cultural powerhouse that boasts the continent’s biggest film industry, known as Nollywood.

Just week ago, Nollywood’s Wakanda Forever was released.

The Nigerian version of Wakanda Forever 1&2 is set in a village in Nigeria and weaves traditional storytelling with juju/voodoo and comedic special effects to explore family and lineage in an African society.

It has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube, winning the attention of a global audience desperate to connect with the African continent.

The superhero Black Panther has received global attention not only for its spot on acting or storyline but also it represents a symbol of black power and solidarity.

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